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Rising Disablility Claims

Social Security Disability Insurance claims and qualifying Americas has substantially risen due to many reasons but it is not isolated to one circumstance.

Yes, America’s high unemployment rate has influenced amount of individuals seeking Social Security Disability Insurance but this, alone, is not the primary source for the increase.

The major reason the number of applications have increased in the last couple of years is because the number of Americans that now qualify for Social Security Disability has reached it’s peak. Why?

The Baby-Boomer generation  is getting older and suffering from more disabilities, making Social Security Disability Insurance a necessity. In addition to the population growth, medical advancements are saving the lives of people with serious medical conditions. While we are thankful that our loved ones are living longer, these advancements are also directly affecting the number of Social Security Disability Insurance applicants.

It is important to Disability Professionals Llc to not let individuals with disabilities become victims of misinterpreted information or corporate America political arguments over the federal budget.  We believe that if you pay into the Social Security system, you have earned the right to receive benefits. The refusal or extreme delay of benefits to those who qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance is an injustice and Disability Professionals Llc wants to help you!

Protecting your Social Security Disability benefits is Disability Professionals Llc’s main objective, regardless of means, age or disability. Social Security Disability Insurance is a vital lifeline for American citizens who once held full-time jobs but have become too ill or injured to work.

Dennis Teachout  specializes in Social Security Disability and is a representative that knows how difficult illness, injury, and chronic pain is for Social Security Disability clients. To schedule a free no-obligation consultation and preliminary case review by an experienced representative, call or email Disability Professionals Llc, your action advocate!