Doctor proposes extreme measures to combat obesity epidemic

For many people, obesity is a lifelong problem. Try though they might — often due to genetic or hereditary factors — people fail to lose weight. For these and many other people, obesity is not a choice, it’s an unfortunate condition to be dealt with. In some cases, people’s physical condition don’t allow them to work a regular job. For these people, applying for Social Security disability benefits might be a viable option.

Obesity is considered by some to be an epidemic in this country. In fact, as many as two-thirds of Americans are considered to be obese or overweight. Researchers have spent billions of dollars trying to find ways to implement meaningful solutions for a mass audience, but haven’t had much luck.

That’s why some researchers are proposing extreme measures to fight the obesity epidemic. One scientist at the Rand Corp. wants to force restaurants, for example, to standardize portions so that a meal in one establishment has the same number of calories as another. This would likely be extremely problematic; among other reasons, it would diminish the individuality of restaurants and, consequently, their appeal.

Another suggestion is to limit the number of fast food outlets permitted to be in a particular city or neighborhood. This would make it less convenient for people to get fattening food, but it seems as though other unhealthy options would pop up in their place.

Regardless of potential solutions to obesity as a medical condition, people who are affected may be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits. An experienced SSDI attorney can be a big benefit to someone in this situation.